We provide support for preventing illness and for self-medication to help people live longer and in good health in a society with advanced aging.


Japan has an aging population that continues to get even older. Amidst significant changes in the social environment, including medical care system reforms, there are growing calls for self-medication. Kirindo, the core of our corporate group, since its founding in 1955 has consistently pursued illness prevention as a key theme.

We want to help people prevent illness and become healthier, rather than treat illnesses. We aim to lend support for leading more comfortable, enjoyable, beautiful and healthier lives. To fulfill this mission, we have been seeking to enhance our functions as both a drugstore chain that serves as a community hub and “health station” that offers everything people could need for self-medication.

The drugstore industry in Japan at present is nearing maturity. It has become necessary to fundamentally rethink the industry and its approach to consumers, taking consumer purchasing behavior into full consideration. For our corporate group to sustain its growth, we decided that we needed to create a more flexible business structure that could adapt to a changing environment, so in August 2014 we shifted to a holding company system.

To put our management philosophy into practice, we plan to strengthen group operations and expand our corporate governance initiatives, as well as to carry out business based on a strategy of providing support for preventing illness and conducting retail with an emphasis on product development.

By doing these things, we aim to continue making an important contribution to society, and we look forward to your continued patronage in the future.



Tadayuki Teranishi
Toyohiko Teranishi
Chief Executive Officer, President