We set up social infrastructure in the form of super drugstores that serve as community hubs, bringing convenience and helping to prevent illness.
In this way we touch lives and make people happy. We also promote regional health care and regional nursing care to benefit local communities.

Three Strengths

We aim to help people in local communities lead full, healthy lives based on our ability to promote health, establish close community ties, and grow, thereby contributing to the welfare of regional societies.

Basic Strategy

With the theme of illness prevention, we impress and satisfy local customers by providing “expertise” and “convenience” for health and beauty and by strengthening the functions of healthcare facilities.


"Our mission is to create a future of comfort, health, enjoyment, and beauty, without forgetting the enlightened objective of providing relief to people in need.
We hold our vision high and tread a lawful and proper path of business, constantly creating demand."


"We believe that human beings have deep and limitless potential.
Our management philosophy embodies an organism comprising of gratitude, innovation, and integration."

Origin of the “Kirindo” name

The name derives from a “kirin”-an auspicious mythical creature (qilin or Chinese unicorn) known in East Asian cultures. The name embodies three wishes—that our business will be able to soar like a qilin in the air; that we can offer people health and make the world as wonderful as when a qilin appears; and that we can always be a pure embodiment of excellence, like a child prodigy (kirinji in Japanese).

About the Logo


The red represents the sun and the green, the Earth. Both symbolize powerful energy sources that support people’s health and lives. The overall logo mark resembles hands clasped together, symbolizing cooperation and connection, which are needed for the company to develop strongly and continue making rapid progress, while also bringing happiness to people,
societies, and the world. The logo symbolizes how we shall not forget our spirit of gratitude and how the company is a presence that is wanted and needed by people, able to build a future of sustainable growth and make the future flower like smiles on people’s faces.